What are you going to do after high school?

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There are lots of big decisions seniors in high school have to make after graduation, what college they are going to go to, what their career is going to be, how they are going to pay for college, if they are going to work while in school, etc. Hillcrest High School students are taking lots of different paths after graduation.

“I’m planning on going to Utah State and explore my options.” – Madison Spilker

“I’m planning on traveling over the summer and going to University of Utah as a business scholar.” – Sthuti Patel

“I’m going back to Wyoming to work as a river guide for the summer, then going to Weber State to study nursing.” – Anna Wright

“I am saving up for a 4 month humanitarian trip to Ukraine and going to school.” – Mason Mehr

“I’m really excited on going on an LDS mission once I turn 18, and then most likely going to the University of Utah to study engineering.” – Landon Nipko

“I am planning on going on an LDS mission and then going to the University of Utah to study biomedical.” – Josh Olson

“I plan on traveling the country in a van like Uncle Rico from Napoleon Dynamite with my dog and a bike.” – also Josh Olson

“I plan on going to the University of Utah where I will continue studying violin as a music major. Then I want to marry a hot hubby and have lots of cute kids. I’m pumped to see where my life will take me.” -Becca Palmatier

“I plan on attending either the University of Utah or the University of Michigan and studying computer science. But I’m still not set on this I’m open to a lot of options on what I pursue.” – Aisha Khan

“I think I’m going to the University of Utah because they have a great pre-med program and I hope to eventually go to medical school and specialize in neurology… as of now.” – Sydney Larson