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The month of February was CTE month. One of the most important parts of life is being able to use and apply skills. Learning these important skills can be difficult if you don’t have a background knowledge on where to go. One of the many benefits of Hillcrest High School is that we offer courses and classes for students to learn these soft skills.

“All CTE courses allow us to learn the skills that are most important for our adult lives. This is why I became a CTE teacher. I love the material and believe in its importance,” said Brynn Wilson, a Foods & Nutrition teacher at Hillcrest.

“I love being able to teach students skills that they can use on a daily basis. I also love when students get that light bulb moment and I know they just ‘got’ what I taught them.” said Jodee Black, Productions (sewing) and Foods 1&2 teacher.

Different life experiences can give us different interests as Hillcrest offers different CTE  classes for each and every individual student here.

“When I entered high school, I was able to take the auto and shop classes and worked to complete my first car rebuild my self. The feeling of accomplishment that comes from a project like that can help you realize that you can do hard things.” said Scott Carrel, Automotive teacher.

Growing as students and figuring out who they want to become, students are constantly learning.

“The experiences that I see in students have make all the difference..It’s great to see students do hard things and see the look of accomplishment on their faces. I learn new things everyday from my students and I hope they learn new things from me.” Carrel says.

Kevin Wood, CTE director and coordinator, said, “CTE is vital in my opinion because it applies, it takes your academic skills that you learn and you learn how to apply them into a real world situation…If they know what they like to do they can pursue that, they can  investigate different area so that they are not wasting time and money in college with areas that they think they might want to so.”

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