Dancing huskies at Corner Canyon

Dancing huskies at Corner Canyon

Huskies took on other Utah high schools in a dance festival that Hillcrest students near Midvale are proud of.

According to the Utah Dance Education Organization’s (UDEO) official website, the Utah High School Dance Festival took place on February 23 at Corner Canyon High School.

UDEO is a dance organization that believes in the importance of dance in education and supports professional development for both dance educators and students alike, as elaborated on by the official UDEO website.

“The UDEO festival was a day full of learning and new experiences. We got to take a few different classes in different styles [..] and participated in an adjudication where you are grouped with two other companies. We performed our pieces, then watched the other companies perform as well,” Dance Company Vice President Annie Duggar explained, before she added, “At the end of the day, there was a gala concert where every school performs shortened versions of their pieces and it’s just a fun night of artists supporting artists.”

All 28 Dance Company students participated in UDEO this year and they practiced for a few months just for this. Duggar added, “We boarded the bus at Hillcrest around 7:20 a.m. to head over to Corner Canyon. Our first class started at 9:05 a.m. Then we had a master class as a company, lunch, the adjudication, one more class, dinner, and then the gala.”

Duggar explained that, unlike some competition norms, “With UDEO, we weren’t competing against the other schools. We each got an individual rating but it’s not compared with the other schools. I love it a lot because we don’t feel like we have to be better than the other schools. There’s more of a support and friendship between us because we are all just there to do what we love and share our love with each other.

At UDEO, the Hillcrest Dance Company received a superior rating (the highest rating) and an outstanding student choreography award, which may convince some students to join next year’s Dance Company.

Auditions for Dance Company will be held on April 25 this year, where applicants will bring their 3rd quarter grades, a small photo, and appropriate dance clothes (no shoes) to the small gym.

Dance Company teacher Ms. Lujan explained, “To be on Dance Company, you need to have a very good understanding of your body and how it moves. Proper technique is necessary and picking up combinations and choreography quickly is also very important. You have to be committed to being part of a team, able to work well with others, be open minded to trying new things, and able to commit some of your time to Dance Company.”

Duggar advised potential Dance Company students, “Tryout, go to the audition, dance your heart out, and smile.”

Lujan also advised, “You never know unless you try. At the audition try to stay calm and don’t get too caught up in being perfect, just do your best. Keep in mind that Dance Company is a big commitment.”

This season has been great for Dance Company and students should expect a wonderful show at April’s dance concert and hear about Dance Company’s March trip to California.