Happy death Day 2u

Happy death Day 2u

A traumatizing moment, a nightmare, played on repeat till you can solve the puzzle of who wants you dead. The plot for the movie “Happy Death Day” has been followed with the sequel of “Happy Death Day 2U”.

The movie begins with a group of high school students, one of which has already lived through this horrible experience and is hoping to move forward with new beginnings, but what would a good horror movie be without spoiling someone’s good future?

Tree Gelbman, played by the talented actress Jessica Rothe, defeated the terrible loophole where she relives her death everyday till her birthday when it eventually ended. Her unfortunate friend Ryan (Phi Vu) is now dealing with the same “dreams”.

Throughout the film the actors all did amazing jobs of portraying the emotions of their character. The suspense of frustration horror really is what made this film complete.

In the attempts to stop the cycle and figure out who is trying to kill Ryan the plot thickens. Now, not only is Ryan being affected, but almost everyone that Tree cares for.  

A very suspenseful moment in the film is during the prep rally when the baby face killer is revealed and it truly will shock the viewers leaving you wanting to know more.

A critic for rotten tomatoes stated about the sequel, “A funnier follow-up with a sci-fi bent, Happy Death Day 2U isn’t as fiendishly fresh as its predecessor, but fans of the original may still find this a sequel worth celebrating.”

Overall the movie Happy Death Day 2U was a creative movie idea but is portrayed in a very cheesy way. This movie would receive a 2 out of 5 paws due to the idea behind the film was good but was not executed as well as it could’ve been.

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