San Fran art trip

San Fran art trip

On February 15 through the 18, Hillcrest High school’s art students, including AP Art History and AP Studio Art, had the amazing opportunity to travel to San Francisco, California. San Francisco is an eccentric city, bursting at the seams with interesting architecture and famous art museums.

The art students began the trip by visiting The Legion of Honor museum, showcasing art from the past 4,000 years of human history.  Students were able to view types of art they have been studying and analyzing all year in class, including pieces by artists such as Rembrandt Van Rijn, Vincent Van Gogh, and Claude Monet.

From there, they traveled to the De Young museum which encompassed African, Oceanic, and American art in all different forms. As they walked through these museums Ms. Jeppson, the AP Art History teacher, was able to share her knowledge on the pieces and connect them to those they had studied in class.

Luke Schreiber, one of the students on the trip, said, “Viewing the art in person was an experience of it’s own. Being able to see the brush strokes or the dimensionality brought the work closer to home.” He continued, “Just to imagine the creator working with the art intimately transported me to a different time.”

On Saturday, the group went to the Grace Cathedral, an Episcopal church in the heart of San Francisco. Visiting this brought the study of Gothic architecture and biblical symbolism to life. Stained glass windows created an awe inspiring experience in the reverent chapel.

Mrs. Bennett stopped the students at the doors of the cathedral, referred to as the Doors of Paradise, to tell them the stories represented. These stories included those of Noah and the ark, Adam and Eve, and other familiar Old Testament scenes.

After this, the mood of the day shifted to a much more modern tone as the group traveled to the Mission district. This is an outdoor art gallery full of vibrant murals portraying works ranging from social political statements to cultural heritage. From there the students headed to China Town to participate in the tourist element of the city.

Sunday began with a visit to the Museum of Asian Art. This museum holds one of the most comprehensive Asian Art collections in the world with more than 18,000 works of art, some as old as 6,000 years. The San Francisco Museum of Modern Art was the next, and final, museum visited by the art students.

This seven floor art gallery was unlike any other that the group of students had been to. Studying modern art allows the reader to question all boundaries of what the phrase “art” actually means. This question was constantly revisited as the students studied a wide variety of modernist art pieces.

The San Francisco trip ended with a grand finale of visiting the Golden Gate Bridge on Monday morning and then the group of students headed back to Utah.

This once in a lifetime experience was one that will never be forgotten. From the educational elements to being tourists and all of the laughs and jokes in between, it brought together an amazing group of smart and passionate art students and teachers.

A quote painted in the Mission district read, “Life is an art form, Art is a life form.” Studying art and art history brings forward a new perspective on life itself, and it makes the world look more beautiful. Thank you to everyone on this trip and who made this trip possible!

Photo: Claudia Huffman, Jordan Huffman’s mom