Not your costume and not my representative

Not your costume and not my representative

As a U.S government official, representing American ideals is important. They must portray equality, anti-racism, and acceptance in order to truly represent America. Seeing that so many government officials choose to represent racism, misogyny, and prejudice, it becomes a duty for the American people to speak up and take action.

The most recent issue is officials  disrespecting African Americans people through the action of blackface.

From the beginning of American history to now, the prejudice against the black race is one that is prevalent. From the racist propaganda of being depicted as monkeys to being in persecution due to their skin color, racism against this group is prevalent. In 2019,  this issue is in the spotlight as officials have been exposed for their use of blackface as a costume.

The history of Blackface is one that haunts America. From segregation laws being referred to as Jim Crow laws, Jim crow being an act that was performed in blackface. To in modern era of using it as some sort of party trick, black face entails institutional racism as in the government giving racism a platform.  

As far as government officials, Virginia Gov. Ralph Northam and other officials have perpetuated black face and so the argument of whether it may be excused is discussed amongst Americans. The answer is simple, there are no excuses for continuing the toxic legacy of slavery. A costume is not an explanation, it’s an excuse for projecting racist ideas in modern culture.

Although it must be addressed that by having a zero tolerance for past mistakes may eliminate the virtues of learning and forgiveness, the time to make such a mistake such as racism and prejudice is one far past in American history.

Blackface is just the tip of the ridiculous racist ideas that are shown by our officials, like the last senate nominee in Virginia, Corey Stewart who “airbrushed slavery out of the civil war” (The Washington Post) or Congressman Steve King who gleams with his ideas of white nationalism. Or the most prominent and controversial, The President of the United States of America who time after time has his ideas of white superiority hung over the very diverse American people.

America is a place of anti-racism and a place that carries the ideals of equality. Our government officials must reflect this. The idea that racism is something that can be forgiven and overlooked is against American ideals. The train of the toxic legacy of racism is coming to an end and it should have come to end and in Northman’s Case back in 1984 too.