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According to Lagoon’s website, Lagoon has been around since the year 1886. It first opened up near the Great Salt Lake, where people could go bowling, roller skating, play water sports, and so much more. It became an attraction for people to gather friends and family to spend time with one another. For over a  century, Lagoon has added more rides and new entertainment methods.

In 1899, Lagoon moved locations to Farmington, where they introduced their first “thrill seeking ride,” “Shoot-The-Chutes.” On this ride, you use a boat to slide down a ramp where you end up splashing into a big pool of water.

According to, in 1906, Lagoon introduced their first carousel. This attraction constituted of 45 ornate characters, such as horses, lions, zebras, etc.  Even after 113 years, this attraction still remains at the park today. It is also called, “Merry-Go-Around.”

In 2007, Lagoon added a new ride that changed the meaning of thriller rides. This ride is called, “Wicked.” Lagoons website states that this attraction has you traveling 55 MPH up a 110 foot tower while twisting through a 2,000 foot track.  

The latest addition to Lagoon was in 2015. A ride called, “The Cannibal,” was introduced. This ride is very closely related to “The Wicked,” however this ride is bigger and better than ever. It is Lagoons biggest roller coaster. This ride travels up a 208-foot tower going 70 MPH with 116-degree inverted dive.

While it is too soon to tell, we know Lagoon is planning to still open a new ride for the upcoming years.

According to Fox 13 News, ““The footprint is similar in size to Cannibal,” Freed said, but added it’s very different from Cannibal.”

As of now, we know to expect something big. It is going to be another roller coaster. The expected name for the new ride is “Primordial.” It is expected to be open 2021.

For any more information, visit Lagoon at their website for ticket prices, history, or different rides and attractions,

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