Brawl Stars: Another hit from Supercell

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Brawl Stars is a new iPhone game, released December 12, 2018, from the well known creator Supercell. This game offers a variety of game modes and characters to get anyone hooked. Players can play solo or with friends. Winning a round earns a player trophies, which is the main goal of the game.

When a player wins trophies they move along the “Trophy Road.” On the path, players collects rewards such as coins, new players, new game modes, and more. Brody Roemmich, a senior at Hillcrest who has been playing since mid-December, has the most trophies in the school with over 8,000.

“I like Brawl Stars because it is a very fun, easy to play mobile game that’s free,” says Roemmich.

Individual brawlers also have their own trophy count. They move along a ranking system from 1-20. This determines how many trophies are awarded or taken away depending on the result of a game. Rank 20 is achieved by having over 500 trophies with a single brawler. Roemmich has this rank with Shelly, Colt, and Bull, these are brawlers awarded along the Trophy Road.

Once a brawler reaches a rank, the rank will not go back down. However the brawler can still lose trophies to put them below the rank trophies. This is dreaded by almost every player.

When this happens Roemmich says he is, “Very irritated. If I do not immediately fix this problem the world may very well end.”

In the game players are also able to increase the “Power Level” of a brawler. This can be done by acquiring “Power Points.” These can be found in the store or in boxes. Once a brawler reaches Power 9 they must earn a “Star Token.” With the “Star Token” each brawler has a special ability that further enhances their skills. Roemmich has five of these brawlers. They are: Shelly, Nita, Colt, Bull, and Barley.

Luke Reuschel is another senior at Hillcrest who loves to brawl. His favorite character is Bull, a heavy weight with a shotgun. Roemmich’s favorite character is Crow.

Crow is his favorite player because, “he poisons people to death slowly… and black’s my favorite color.”

Reuschel and Roemmich both love “Solo Showdown.” However when they must team up they both agree that the dream team is: Noah Nicholls as Bull, Roemmich as Colt, and Reuschel as Jesse. The best game mode for this team is Heist, in which teams of three attempt to destroy the other’s safe.

The popularity of Brawl Stars has been growing throughout Hillcrest. It has brought together all types of people to enjoy the battle together.

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