Bears bears bears

Bears bears bears

Some may argue that bears are some of the most wonderful animals on the planet, while others may argue that they are the most terrible creatures to walk the earth. Both arguments are understandable for different reasons.

For instance, bears are adorable, strong, superior, smart, loving, and protective, among many other traits, but they can hurt and even kill humans if they feel threatened enough.

There are eight living species of bears in the world today. In North America, there are the black bears, grizzly or brown bears, and polar bears. In South America, there are Spectacled Bears. In various parts of Asia, there are Sloth Bears, Panda Bears, Malayan Sun Bears, and Asiatic Black Bears.

There are a few ways to distinguish black bears and grizzly bears in America. Grizzly bears are much larger than black bears. Average male black bears weigh 250-300 pounds when they are fully grown. Male grizzlies weigh about 600.

They have a dish shaped nose, while a black bear’s nose continues down from the top of the face. Grizzly bears have a much more noticeable shoulder hump than black bears do. The last main distinguishing fact is that grizzly bear paws are wider and shorter than black bear paws. Black bear paws are long and slim.

Even though there are many different types of bears, America has some of the most beautiful species, and they are so close. In fact, there are hundreds of black bears in the Wasatch Mountains that border the east side of the Salt Lake Valley. It is important to recognize this so that you can stay safe while in the mountains.

Many suggest carrying bear spray when spending time in the local mountains. It is over 90 percent effective, and does no long term damage to the bear.

By being aware of these magnificent creatures and treating their habitats with respect, humans will be able to enjoy existing alongside them for generations to come.