You have to play to win: student government

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High School is competitive in almost all aspects, one most prominent are student government elections. Although many may believe that it’s simply a popularity contest it is important to understand that if you want the position and if you work for it, you can be elected despite level of popularity. If you want to win, you need to play.

At Hillcrest high school, student government elections are coming up and the discussion of fairness is prevalent. The process is lengthy, as teacher petitions and interviews are involved. Ultimately comes down to voting but essentially it comes down to your skills to get votes, which furthermore reflect your character and your work ethic.  

Although many believe that it is a popularity contest due to students running for the title rather than the work, it is important to understand before you can run there is, as I said a lengthy process, in the end you only make it to the “popularity” portion if you are eligible for it.

Being able to obtain votes reflects on your character. The aspects of your characteristics like being outgoing, being able to appeal to others and being a likable person. These are aspects that someone on student government should have.