Unity between nations

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“How to Train Your Dragon 3” was the perfect cap to what is one of the greatest trilogies to be put on the screen. It was done so well and also gave the fans what they wanted.

Jennifer Bisset from C-net says “There’s no greater gift than love, we’re constantly told in Viking land, and it’s never more powerful than here…They grow in years and maturity over the smartly paced trilogy.”

One of the many great things about this franchise is that it involves the audience and you feel the mood of the characters, as there is heartache, fear, and joy.

The last movie was the last test of maturity and becoming the individuals who they were meant to be, a leader.


The unexpected relationship of Toothless, gives Toothless the ability to grow beyond who he was. He shocks the world with his new found powers from the examples of his girlfriend gave him the newfound chance of being king.

The secret world of love brings them unity of the two worlds as they let go of what they have always known to give light for the future. His girlfriend (the light fury) pushes him forward from his past to become the ruler of a new nation as he is the only one who can fulfill that role.

The parallel role of Hiccup follows his struggles to rule the land of Berk, his girlfriend Astrid is his only voice of reason as he lets go of Toothless.

The villain seems darker than the last movies, as he uses drugs to hurt the dragons and manipulate them. Murdering them as well, and training his own dragons to kill and hunt other dragons.

The animation was amazing, the little details of Hiccups beard gave the movie a realistic human features. The movement of the dragons was very smooth seemed very real. As a dragon was attacking the villain and dropped from the drug, it was if the villain was killing the dragon.

The perfect ending to the amazing franchise, as we know the ending of the movie gives the audience the satisfaction of  closure.

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