The Cohen trial

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The Cohen trial

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On February 27th, the trial that the American people have been waiting for, sealed Michael Cohen’s fate, as well as maybe the President’s.

The hearing began with both the judge and Republican representative giving a statement. As soon as the Republican rep. Jim Jordan began to speak, he already sounded angry and clearly against any information Cohen was going to provide for the Judge. Specifically, information about The President of the United States. Jordans anger in many people in the courtroom, especially after completely ignoring the statements and proof Cohen provided.

One of them being the check signed by Donald J. Trump a month into his presidency paying off an adult film star named Stormy Daniels, to keep their affair a secret.

Cohen described Trump’s intentions as “him only caring about his image and winning the presidency.” For democrats, that was all they needed to hear and from there they were ready to begin questioning Cohen on Donald Trump. The republican party wanted to continue to focus on Cohen’s lies, completely ignoring the facts that Cohen shared about the President of the United States. And the democratic party came at Cohen and the judge with a very different approach.

The judge did give credit to Cohen for coming clean about Trump and the decisions he made to stay “loyal” some would say, but that still wasn’t enough to get Cohen out of trouble.

Cohen seemed to catch the democratic parties attention when talking about the racist and sexist remarks that the president had said, as well as his assumptions that Trump and Trump Jr. had many meetings with Russian leaders.

But the Republican party did not want to discuss any of those topics. Instead they focused on Cohen being a “liar” and a “fraud.”

After hours of discussion and coming clean about the presidents and Cohen’s relationship. The judge decided on 3 years in federal prison. And as weeks go by, it seems that there is still no push to continue to investigate the president, even after Cohen, who worked very close to Trump for years, had admitted to the lies, hate, and possible crimes the president has done. Almost as if something this important should be ignored.

We as American people can only hope that American democratic and Republican officials can see the importance in fully understanding and investigating the President Of The United States.

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