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Here at Hillcrest High School we have a unique group of students that are apart of an acappella group called Resolve. Acappella is a type of music where each person sings, but they use no musical instruments to assist them. They only use their mouths to create the background music.

There are six members that are apart of the acappella group. Teisa Mahe, Drew Fellow, Daniel Moleni, Zachary Jessop, Alai Otuafi, and Topui Otuafi. All members work really hard and they all put on amazing performances.

Alai Otuafi, a member of the team said, “It’s been such a fun opportunity to be apart of this team and to have us all work together on our performances” .

They also had the opportunity to compete at the International Championship of High School  acappella (ICHSA)  quarterfinals that took place in Arizona. The team took 3rd place overall.

Alai Otuafi said, “Being able to compete in Arizona was an amazing experience, it was so fun to perform and all of our hard work has paid off”

They were able to qualify for the semifinals which are in Dallas Texas. And will be competing on March 9th in the competition. The team has worked so hard, and their dedication has really showed.

Each member has their own individual talent and in their performances they are able to highlight those talents. They are an amazing team, and everyone is excited to see what they will do next.

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