Annual IB Art Exhibit

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Hillcrest High school held their annual IB art exhibit this year. The IB art exhibit showcased art from artists Alana Liu, Tammie Tan, Aisha Khan, and Cole Crison. The exhibit will be located at Hillcrest High school in AT 200. It will also be open from 8:00 a.m. to 2:30 p.m. Monday through Thursday starting on March 11 and ending on Thursday March 14.

This exhibit featured artwork from many mediums such as oil,acrylic, and watercolors. There were also many sculptures and digital media pieces as well.

Alana Liu is one of the featured artist in the exhibit. She is a senior at Hillcrest High school and works with oil paint. She can draw and paint but Liu prefers to pain because it is easier to blend with colors and she likes focusing on the details.Liu has been painting since she was ten years old. To Liu, painting is more of a hobby than a career choice.  

“If you’re really interested in painting, just start,” said Liu.

Aisha Khan is a senior at Hillcrest and also had her art showcased at the IB Art Exhibit. Khan loves working with new types of mediums but she loves oil paint. Khan looks up to many artists but she really admires Chuck Close and Gerhard Richter.

In the exhibition, Khan’s favorite piece of her work was the “Whales Titled Lifeless,” which consisted of two whales swimming with plastic. The piece was hanging by strings from the ceiling to give it the illusion of floating, almost like the viewer is swimming with the Whales.

“ For this exhibition I wanted the viewers to be able to learn something new and become more aware of their actions.,” Khan continued, “ I was inspired by single use plastics because I feel like it’s something people could cut out of their lives.”


Artwork: Alana Liu

Photo credit: Litzi Carmona

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