New coaches on the track team

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After winning regions last year in both the boys and girls categories, the Hillcrest track team is back and hard at work. At the end of the year last year the hurdle coach, Coach Hansey, left to coach at Brighton high school and Tara Sharp, who was coaching the pole vaulters, graduated. This left the team severely understaffed. Luckily for Hillcrest, two new coaches stepped up to the challenge: Jeffrey Paystrup and Chris Fassler.

Paystrup is a social studies teacher here at Hillcrest and has been for three years. During high school he ran the 100 meter dash, the 400 meter dash, the 4×100 and the 4×400 relay. These are also some of the events that he now coaches.

“I’ve always wanted to get involved in track and the opportunity presented itself so I was able to take advantage of it.” says Paystrup.

Fassler has also wanted to be a coach for a while so when he learned of the opening he jumped at the chance.

“My father was also a track and field coach so I knew what to expect” he says. He ran hurdles in both high school and college, which is good because that is also what he will be coaching the team in.

The first track meet of the year took place on March 13, at Granger high school. Hillcrest will also be competing against Hunter. The first invitational will be the Early Bird meet on March 16.

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