Vape tax too high?


Element Vape

The rise of vaping throughout Utah has led to an increased watch by the state legislature. Bans on vaping have been made and higher taxes are coming. In December 2018, Gov. Gary Herbert proposed that the tax on tobacco should extend into vaping and e-cigarettes.

The 86 percent tax that is used on tobacco products such as chewing tobacco, but not cigarettes, may be extended to vape and e-cigarettes. While Utah’s tax seems high, they are not alone. California has a 62 percent tax and Minnesota has a 95 percent tax on similar products ( This has been proposed to lower the growing epidemic throughout the nation.

With e-cigarettes and vape being very new to the market, lawmakers are hesitant to allow or prohibit anything. Researchers have not been given appropriate time to determine the long term affects of these puffers. Lawmakers in Utah and across the nation have been using taxes like this to limit the amount of people using them.

If the tax is extended to vaping and e-cigarettes then it will discourage users. This will help protect them from the unknown long term affects. Though the tax may seem to high, the risk is much higher. It will protect high school kids from the dangers of vaping.It is important Utah lawmakers pass the tax extension to ensure the epidemic does not spread farther. It is taking over and lawmakers must take steps like this to combat it.