Deadly shootings at places of worship

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Two places of worship became places of suffering during a tragic attack on Friday, March 15 in New Zealand.

The first attack was at Al Noor Mosque and the other at the Linwood mosque, as summarized from information from Los Angeles Times.

50 people were killed and dozens more wounded after shootings at two particular mosques in Christchurch, New Zealand.

The Los Angeles Times reported, “The gunman livestreamed 17 minutes of his rampage at Al Noor Mosque, where he sprayed worshipers with bullets over and over, killing at least 41 people. Several more people were killed in the attack on the Linwood mosque a short time later.”

The primary suspect behind the shootings was Branton Harrison Tarrant, who made his first court appearance on March 16.

Three other suspects were taken into custody, but the NBC News stated, “authorities said it was unclear how they related to the incident.”

Tarrant showed signs of his belief in white supremacy through a written manifesto titled “The Great Replacement,” which was posted online before the attack, according to NBC News.

The Washington Post wrote, “Tarrant explicitly vowed an attack to kill Muslim ‘invaders’ and seek revenge for crimes perpetrated by Muslims. In the document, […] Tarrant said he hoped his actions would curb immigration, deepen strife in the United States over gun ownership and start a civil war.”

At Hillcrest High School and in Utah, shootings are also becoming more and more commonplace.

For example, a shooting took place in Sandy, Utah on March 12, with a different shooting in Midvale, Utah on March 20, according to KSL News.

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