Be internet awesome


Hillcrest High’s PTSA is hosting a seminar to educate parents about internet safety. The seminar will be a parent-to-parent conversation about online safety. Five different workshops will be provided, all about different aspects of internet safety. Topics of these workshops include privacy, scams, sharing, online kindness, and more.

“The main goal is to provide parents with tools on how they can start talking to their children about [internet] safety.” Says Andrea Martinez, the Community-School Facilitator.

The event is sponsored by a grant given by Google to the school. There will also be door prizes, including a free Google Pixel Notebook for one lucky person. Parents are primarily encouraged to attend but students are also invited.

The reason this seminar is important is because too often teens get into trouble online by sharing too much about their personal lives, like making their location or phone number public. Another big problem is cyber-bullying, which the seminar will also address.

The seminar will be helpful for parents because often they are still lagging behind in the technology world, and they don’t know how to keep up with their kids, so they don’t know how to protect their children from online dangers like stalkers, scammers, and cyberbullies. The seminar will teach parents how these dangers work and how to protect themselves and their children from them.