Hillcrest students dream super power


Growing up, every kid has a dream job, whether it is being a firefighter, or being an astronaut. That is just a part of life. But what about dream super powers?

Here are some of Hillcrest Student’s dream super powers!


Kennedi Dawn: “Telekinesis”


Spencer Holladay: “I think it would be reading minds.”


Tafalagilua Pedro: “To be invincible and shapeshift.”


Emily Doak: “To Shapeshift”


Reed Jackson: “Be invincible!!! Or to read minds.”


Aaron Cornaby: “Mind reading, then I can figure out why people hate me.”


Brook Johnson: “Flight so I can watch the world and travel all over without having to pay.”


Rushmeen: “I would wanna have super speed so I could get my work done without EXTREME stress.”


Meena Balamurugan: “The ability to reverse time”


Damon Stewart: “Strength to conquer my weakness”


Addie “Thompson: does speaking every language count as a superpower? Cause that’s what I want.”


Jenna Riddle: Freezing time”


Henry Salinas: “Read people’s minds”


Max Abbott: “Teleportation”


Photo credit: Pexels.com