Hillcrest soccer: On the road to state

Hillcrest soccer: On the road to state

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Now that spring is back, boys soccer at Hillcrest is in full swing. With a full schedule and 40 boys, the team is ready to dominate. This season, the boys are hoping for a state title. As Junior Ashton Smart said “This is possible with hardwork and dedication”

Ashton Smart is a 3rd year Varsity soccer player at Hillcrest High. He has been playing soccer his whole life and enjoys being apart of the team at Hillcrest. “We are a family,” says Smart.

Their first home game was on March 10th. Although the game ended with a tie, they played hard and feel good about the rest of the season. As senior Marcus Brauer said, “this is only the beginning.”

The following day they won at Herriman ending the game with 3-1. Smarti described it as “taking the dub.”

With such a great start to the season he boys are even more confident in a great season. They hope to see the student body come out and support what Smart describes as “the best team on campus.”

Along with there great plays at games and tournaments the boys show off their excellence. At the Davis Cup tournament hosted by Northridge high school the huskies came back to the dawg pound with a championship title.

As the season progresses the boys are excited for what is in store. They hope to see support from fellow peers and encourage attendance at games. To learn more about Hillcrest Soccer visit their Twitter or Instagram, @HillcrestSoccer.