Salt Lake Stallions

Salt Lake Stallions

If you love football but hate the off season, then you’re in luck! The Salt Lake Stallions are a semi professional football team based in Salt Lake City Utah. They are in the Alliance Of American Football, (AAF). The AAF consists of 8 teams, the Salt lake Stallions, Birmingham Iron, Memphis Express, Orlando Appolos, Atlanta Legends, Arizona Hotshots, San Diego Fleet, and the San Antonio Commanders. The AAF is meant to be a recovery league for players who are older, or who haven´t quite found their way in the NFL.

The Salt Lake Stallions consist of players primarily from the state of Utah. Some colleges feeding into the Stallions include the University of Utah, BYU, Utah State, SUU, Weber State, and a few colleges from Idaho.

Tight end Anthony Denham recently joined the squad after being released from the Philidelphia Eagles team. He played at the University of Utah from 2011-2013, starting 23 games at tight end and ten games at wide receiver.

Defensive End Karter Schult currently leads the AAF in sacks, and tackles per game. The entire nation was surprised when the former Buck Buchanan award winner for top defensive player in the nation went undrafted in the 2017 NFL draft. But this is where the AAF purpose comes into play. Karter Schult has made a big name for himself in the AAF, and according to Bleacher Report’s Brent Sobleski, he will more than likely be in the NFL next year.

If you’re a fan of football, you need to watch the AAF. It contains high quality football during the professional off season. Make sure to tune into their games on Saturday evenings on TNT.