Husky baseball is ready to play some ball!

What did the baseball glove say to the ball?…I’ll catch ya later!

Baseball Season for the Huskies has officially started on February 28th, the day they found out they made the team.n There are many players from every grade, all excited and ready to play ball!

Alex Cater, a sophomore and second year player on the team says “I love the sport and I wanted to play for my school.”This is Caters second year playing on the team, and he loves it.

Jason Peterson, a freshman at Hillcrest, just started playing for the team this year as well. “It’s (being a new person on the team) different, but everyone is awesome.” Cater also said, “I think the team cooperates very well and we enjoy playing with each other.”

So far, the team has only played one game this season. There are a total of 24 games this season, which include the trip to California in April. In April the team is going to California for a tournament against other schools, specifically other schools throughout California and other states. The Coaches are Darryl Hernandez, Anderew, and Topher.

The team is excited and ready to go!

Here is a list of the games:

Dates: Location: Time:

March 20 Brighton 3:30

March 29 Cyprus 3:30

March 30 Cyprus 12:00

March 30 Cyprus 2:30

April 2 Kearns 3:30

April 3 Kearns 3:30

April 5 Kearns 3:30

April 9 Granger 3:30

April 10 Granger 3:30

April 12 Granger 3:30

April 23 Hunter 3:30

April 24 Hunter 3:30

April 26 Hunter 3:30

April 29 Cyprus 3:30

April 30 Providence Hall 3:30

May 1 Kearns 3:30

May 3 Granger 3:30

May 8 Hunter 3:30