Ballerina shoes to cleats

Ballerina shoes to cleats

Brooklyn Stromberg, former drill member, finds her true calling as a softball player at Hillcrest high school.

“I joined for the new experience and to spend more time with Nicole, honestly just have to full send,” says Stromberg when asked about why she joined the soft ball team this year.”

Besides sports, Stromberg is an amazing student in and outside of school. While balancing a 4.0 GPA, she manages to keep up with her social life.

Stromberg, kills in the shortstop position, and even tho made the JV team, plays the Varsity team now. Although this a new experience for Brooklyn, this will give her a whole new meaning to being on a team.

On the weekends she likes to spend time with friends and going on spontaneous adventures. Her favorite type of accessory that shows her personality are her Crocs that she now has in two different colors.

Brooke was a committed drill member till she realized that she has still so many options with opputunities that she has never even tried before. She took up the idea when she heard about try outs and who knew that now she would be playing softball, certainly not Stromberg.

“I decided to try out just as a joke, and kind of out of no where decided to do it, but now I’m actually apart of the team and the games are so fun.” In the hard high school experience Stromberg has made sure to make the most of these years and been as involved as she could be. She is the definition of living life to the most and never taking it for granted