The season is coming

The season is coming

Odell Beckham Jr. Jarvis Landry. Nick Chubb. Baker Mayfield.

This list is your new Cleveland Browns elite offense, with solid options on every play at the disposal of Mayfield at quarterback.

After a rocky 2017-18 season, and not winning a game for any regular season game for 17 games in a row, the Browns were given the first draft pick prior to the 2018-19 season and drafted Baker Mayfield first overall, a solid option and a necessity for a struggling team.

Mayfield has an energy on the field that makes others around him want to be better and create chemistry with fellow teammates. He has a good arm for bullet passes or long balls to receivers who can catch them, i.e. Jarvis Landry and Odell Beckham Jr., who are sure to be the key receivers on the Browns’ end and a major threat to linebackers all over the league.

Beckham and Landry have history together, dating all the way back to their high school football careers, moving into college and both attending LSU, being a legitimate dynamic duo in more ways than on the field. Their friendship only grew, and the both declared for the NFL draft after their junior season of college ball.

For the 2014 draft, Odell was drafted twelfth overall to the New York Giants, where he has spent the last 4 seasons of his career. Landry was drafted in the second round, at sixty-third overall going to the Miami Dolphins. He was traded prior to the 2018 season to the Browns, where he spent a season being the main focus of the offense.

“It feel good!! OBJ, I love you brudda #DawgsGottaEat,” said wide receiver Jarvis Landry in an instagram post of himself and Odell FaceTiming following the trade. Beckham Jr. responded to this picture, saying, “It’s a dawg eat dawg world,” in the comments.

Last season, the Browns and Mayfield proved themselves to be a semi-offensive threat, but was still lacking on some aspects of the team. With the major trades of this year’s off season, Cleveland is making some progress and has even cracked the top 10 of ESPN’s power rankings leading up to the 2019-20 season.

The Browns are not the only team to make some big trades this off season, however. They will need to be prepared for some other teams, which include the Raiders, in their acquiring of Antonio Brown, and Le’Veon Bell going to the New York Jets. These teams had lackluster seasons last year, but things are looking up.

Antonio Brown last season was a part of the Pittsburgh Steelers, but after some internal conflict, Brown stopped going to practices with the team and was not playing with them. It was clear that he wanted out, and he got what he wanted.

To sum it up, the Browns came out on top as a legitimate team with a bright season ahead of them. They will continue to progress as the season begins and give the other teams in the AFC North division another tough competitor.