Apple news

The biggest news at this year’s Apple event is not the hardware, it’s the services. The company announced on March 25 that along with a news subscription, a credit card, and an entertainment platform, Apple will begin producing its own TV content.

Apple users may have already noticed the free news app that is automatically downloaded with the iOS platform. According to The Verge, the new Apple News plus will cost $9.99 a month and provide a subscription to up to 300 magazines like The New Yorker, Vogue, and other popular publications. It will look much like the current news app except with slightly animated magazine covers. This option will roll out with the iOS 12.2 update.

Sophomore Joyce Lin says, “Who wants to pay for news?. . . I just can’t see myself paying for something I can get for free.”

The next new feature is Apple’s very own credit card. People can apply directly on their phones, the card is stored on the digital wallet, and basically everything is done from a phone. A physical card will also be available and both should be valid wherever Mastercard is accepted.

Another subscription service they will soon be offering is the Apple Arcade. Users will have access to more than 100 exclusively IOS games. The service will allow these games to be played offline for up to six family members and will be available this fall.

Apple channels is, you guessed it, another subscription service. This will simply let people subscribe to the channels they want to watch, like PBS, HBO, and other smaller, third party channels.

The feature that people are most excited about is Apple TV Plus. This fall, Apple will start releasing its own original content. No trailers on hints were given at the Apple keynote event but many celebrities were there to help promote it including Oprah, Steve Carell, and even Big Bird from Sesame Street. Not much is known about it right now but it is assumed that more details will come as it gets closer to the release date. Source: The 5 biggest announcements from Apple’s March event by Natt Garun on The Verge