Your dreams in tech: SheTech Explorer Day

Your dreams in tech: SheTech Explorer Day

Cher Burbank

High school ladies took workshops to take steps towards a scientific, technological, engineering, and mathematical (STEM) world.

On April 9, high school girls from around Utah, including Hillcrest, went to SheTech Explorer Day 2019, which took place at the Mountain American Expo Center, according to

Cher Burbank, Hillcrest’s Work-Based Learning Facilitator, said, “SheTech Explorer Day is an adventure for girls to get familiar with careers using technology that they otherwise may never knew existed.”

SheTech’s official website highlighted the numbers of the event, stating, “[There were] 200 hands-on tech experiences, 150 tech companies, [and] 500 industry mentors [in attendance].”

Of the 40 girls goal for Hillcrest, only 33 girls signed up for SheTech.

These girls were able to register by filling out the application form and having their guardian sign it, after which they were turning it in at the back of the library or the career center. From there, Burbank registered them online and put them on the school excusal list.

Cydni Tetro of the Women Tech Council said on Fox 13, “When they go to design, if they understand how technology is built, they can build innovative things.”

Sela Serafin, a Park City High School student, said on KSL, “You really learn through SheTech that technology can be incorporated to whatever you’re in to and just because you might not be interested in coding directly or computer programming, it doesn’t mean that there isn’t a place for you in the technology sector.”

Tetro added during her KSL interview, “Every industry is now influenced by technology and the more that the young women understand that and the more we can activate them, the further it goes into filling those 4,000 open tech jobs that we have here.”

Renee Smith, a Senior who went to SheTech, stated, “I’m not a robotics person or coder, but [SheTech] made me not so afraid to code.”

Kyra-Beth Allred, a Senior who went to SheTech, added, “SheTech was a blast! I thought it was cool that the Governor was there.”

SheTech was an opportunity for Hillcrest girls that will help improve the futures of these students and others in the years to come.