Jordan Peele and his masterpiece

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On March 22, the movie “US” was released and in theaters directed by Jordan Peele who has directed many amazing pieces, and this was just another masterpiece. The cast included amazing actors/actresses such as Lupita Nyong’o, Winston Duke, Elisabeth Moss, Evan Alex, Shahadi Wright Joseph, Tim Heidecker, and more. Nyong’o and Duke had previously met on working together during Black Panther.

Adelaide Wilson (Nyong’o) is married to Abraham (Duke). They have two children, Umbrae (Joseph) and Alex (Jason). Many other important characters are

“Us” is all about how a family goes on a vacation trip, and everything was fine until when the youngest son realizes there’s a family in their driveway. Obviously it’s weird to look outside your window to see a random family staring at you in the pitch dark. The family breaks in and that’s where the trailer ends.

With all the trailers coming out, I was definitely excited to watch the way the Wilson family would react to another family who resembled them in every way, trying to kill them. Apart from my excitement, most people felt deceived and felt as if the movie was too over hyped. I think the reason though that many felt as if it wasn’t worth the hype was because they didn’t go in with an open mind.

Going to the theaters, I was anticipating a lot and I think Peele hit my standards for sure. It was more hilarious to me and not than scary, but I loved it either way. There were so many hidden messages that you had you really focus on the movie from start to finish. The movie had me on the edge the whole tip, and spoiler, finding out that Adelaide was basically Red but not Red was mind blowing and it got me thinking if the son or anyone else was basically their doppelganger.

One of the google reviews, written by Cinema Lovers Club Gmail, states their opinion saying that it was a great film overall and it was something horror movie lovers were waiting for especially after Get Out, but also that “Minor flaws include sometimes MCU-like humor interjected at serious times and more needed fleshing-out and development/explanation – why the experiment? how? no back-up plan? etc.”

While others, such as our very own Litzi Carmona , whose a Junior at Hillcrest, explained why she really enjoyed the movie. “The movie was full of small details that could be missed in the blink of an eye, I really liked how Jordan Peele used comedy in the horror genre, its was different and unique.

Peele films are known for the deeper meanings they hold inside of each detail, line etc. According to infinite Waters (Diving Deep), he explains that one of the hidden message was within the films release date, which was on  3/22, which is considered the high society’s number also known as Skull & Bones.

There are so many conspiracies and theories of what other hidden messages Peele was trying to reveal, but overall it was eye opening and such an amazing production. I would definitely rate this a nine out of ten paws.

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