Music Disney tour

Music Disney tour

Why does Peter Pan always fly? Because he never lands.

The Hillcrest High School Music Department left Thursday, March 28 at 5 in the morning for Disneyland. Hillcrest band, orchestra, concert choir, vocal ensemble, and dance company are all going on tour during spring break.

Sophie Greenwood, a sophomore on Dance Company says “I’m most excited to go to Disneyland with all my friends and get stronger and closer as a company!” The musical department is in for quite the adventure.

“We’re going to be playing at Disneyland and all busy going and enjoying the park which will be fun and then the band and choirs and orchestras are going to go see the LA film which will be really awesome.”

On April 1, the choirs performed on a Disney stage which was a once in a lifetime experience. In California Adventure, all the performing arts groups will get their chance to perform at the Hollywood Backlot Stage.  The band, orchestra, and wind will be learning the soundtrack to a Disney movie and will have to opportunity to record it and watch the movie with their very own soundtrack.

While they are not performing, all the students will have the chance to spend a few days in both Disneyland and California adventure. They will get to go on a dinner cruise and watch a show at the LA fill.

Overall, this experience will be super fun and exciting for everyone going on the trip! From dancing, to performing a song on a Disney stage, to workshops all the way to creating their own soundtrack.

Senior in both Vocal Ensemble and Concert choir said, “My favorite part about tour was being able to hang out with friends and fight my fear of roller coasters!” Just like Hilla said, “It’s gonna be awesome-that’s the expectation. It’s something I’m expecting to be a lot of fun.”

This years Music Department tour was a success and tons of fun!


Photo Credit: Disney ride Guardians of the Galaxy