A new season with a new twist

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A new season with a new twist

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World of Dance is NBC’s newest dance show and is already on its third season. The judges of the show are Jennifer Lopez, Derek Hough, and NE-YO, with Scott Evans as the host. Season three is more intense than ever because of the Urban dancers and the raw performances.

The start of the season starts out with the qualifier round, where contestants have to earn at least 85 point to move onto the duel round. The front runners for season three are The Kings, Crazy 8’s and Lauren Yakima, who have the highest qualifier scores.

The show consists of four divisions: Junior, Upper, Junior team, and Upper team.  The dancers come from all over the world and the types of dances range from ballet to Popping.

All of the dancers are in it for their lives, with many of the dancers coming from tough situations like dancing on the streets to practice or struggling with a talking disorder. One of the girls on the Crazy 8’s, team, named Naia, suffers from Selective Mutism, which makes it difficult for her to talk to people. Naia wanted to say hello to her favorite judge, which is Lopez, because she felt comfortable enough to talk to her.

Some of the dancers have perfected their craft for many years like Poppin John, who has been dancing since he was a little boy, and has fans who are also dancing on the show. Although he is just popping and locking, he is moving his body in ways that shouldn’t be possible but are possible.

This season has a twist in the dual rounds. After the dual ends between two of the performers, the dancer or team who lost still has the ability to dance in the redemption round. This round is at the very end of the episode and the two performers who face off are the ones with the highest scores but didn’t not earn a spot in the next round.

This show will guarantee tears, a smile, and laughs to keep you smiling throughout the week.  Many of the dancers with put their struggles into their dances while also showcasing choreography that people haven’t ever seen on tv.

This is one show that TV watchers definitely need to watch even if they don’t like to dance. It’s got a big range of styles with a lot of great music.


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