Physical and mental exercise

Physical and mental exercise

Physical education is just as important as school work. According to the American Heart Organization, 33% of children are considered obese in the United States. A simple way to lower this number is to make students take four years of mandatory physical education classes in high school.

In Utah, three physical education classes are required during high school. In order to have four, general elective credits would have to be dropped. PST is taken freshman year, lifetime fitness is taken sophomore year, and an optional PE class is taken any year in high school.

According to, “Physical education is an important course within schools with many benefits for children. Promoting fitness to get children’s blood pumping and increasing oxygen levels which promote concentration.”

Junior Emily Rimmasch said, “PE is good in schools because it keeps kids active and healthy and gives them a break from the stresses of school.”

Students that load their schedules with honors and AP classes don’t have time outside of school to get the exercise they need. It is important to incorporate PE classes into the school day so everyone can make time

Relating back to a heavy workload, exercise helps prevent stress and anxiety. When we exercise we breathe deeper, when we breathe deeper we provide extra air to our lungs which goes to our brain and causes stress relief.

Freshman Audrey Leishman says, “You get to not focus on the hard parts of school and it’s a time where you get to let all the stress go.”

Health and PE classes provide students with knowledge that they use for the rest of their lives. If students start healthy practices at a younger age, there is a greater chance they will continue these practices for the rest of their lives.