Toxic Masculinity


There are many negative words that are typically associated with men and toxic masculinity. Examples of this are war, rape, violence, as well as plenty of others. Why are these associated with men? It is hard to argue that men often consist of personality traits that can hurt society rather than help; traits that can drive these bad acts of war, rape, violence, and more.

However, the same traits that destroy and cause conflict, also benefit families, surrounding communities, and society as a whole, but we’ll get to this in a minute.

It is important to highlight and build up the good traits that men hold, and trash the bad ones. The solution is not to make men more like women, but to make men more masculine. At least more masculine in the sense of strengthening traits that drive men to do good and make a positive influence.

Allie Stuckey from Prager University said,”Bad men don’t become good when they stop being men, they become good when they stop being bad.” She goes on to say,”Aggression, ambition, and violence cannot be eliminated from the male psyche. They can only be harnessed.” These traits within men are innate and cannot be simply removed.

Stuckey gave some examples of harnessing these ambitions. For instance, the same destructive traits that can start conflict, are the same ones that defeat tyranny. Greedy traits that many men tend to have, are the same traits that build economies. The instincts that men can have to take foolish risks, are the same instincts that they have to make heroic risks. Risks such as running into burning buildings to save children, or jumping in front of bullets to save students like Aaron Feis did during the Parkland shooting.

All of these examples benefit the lives of the community and/or society. There are countless examples of the benefits of the overcoming of tyranny such as Americans during the revolution of our country, Europeans at the end of World War II, and more.

America is now the most free country in the world due to the positive ambitions of both male and female traits. What needs to be done now as a society is to find a way to harness the good aspects of masculinity, rather than eliminating it all together.

The largest way to promote these changes is by continuing to spread word of these ideals and educating others about different perspectives. America doesn’t need more war, rape, and violence, we need good men who will stop it. We don’t need less masculinity, we need less bad masculinity.