Hillcrest students: what makes them happy

Hillcrest students: what makes them happy

Happiness is something you find, and it is different for everybody. Here are some things that make Hillcrest High School students happy.


Elizabeth Martin: “I love the smell of rain and when you’re in such a good mood that you just keep smiling contedly.”

Aaron Cornaby: “Being around my friends and family and being able to support them.”

Reed Jackson: “Ballet”

Madeline Mismash: “Not a lot right now, but my friends. They make me feel so loved and important when I’m not happy.”

Michael Xiong: “The suffering of my enemies.”

Cindy Vasquez: “Friends!!”

Max Abbott: “Quality time with quality people.”

Alexis Nyugen: “Chocolate and Boys.”

Freya: “Listening to music.”

Emily Doak: “People who genuinely care, and ice cream and my bird.”

Beth Sorenson: “My dog”

Damon Skier: “Being around fun friends!”

Elijah Walker: “Having people that make staying alive feel worth it”

Katie Ashton: “People make me happy, and making people happy makes me even happier.”

Meena Balamurugan: “Making others happy”

Nicholas Hart: “Making others smile!”

Brooke Johnson: “Pigs”

Henry Salinas: “Having people who are supporting, loving, and caring. And God”


Photo Credit: Pexels.com