What not to do when eliminated from sbo running

What not to do when eliminated from sbo running

With the SBO election having concluded on March 29, not all candidates got the position they wanted. Some would-be candidates didn’t make it past preliminary rounds to have their videos shown. Here are the ways NOT to cope.

It’s rather annoying when an eliminated candidate tells all his/her friends to tell their friends to vote for him/her, especially in whatever classes they have with others.

When said candidate also encourages the write-in option (not present last year) and to mark number 50, it shows that they have a sore loser attitude.

Speaking of sore losers, when there is word that a candidate running for the same position is threatened with disqualification, coincidence is questionable at best.

Actively campaigning through pictures on social media when a candidate is already eliminated is obnoxious too, even though videos aren’t allowed.

In fact, an eliminated candidate campaigning can cross the line and be disqualified if they get caught. It’s baffling why some of these kinds of candidates weren’t disqualified during the run considering they weren’t going to get the position either way.

For those that were almost disqualified for nearly crossing the line, do not hold a grudge against the whistleblower that reported the fault. The whistleblower is just trying to make sure that the process of election goes on democratically.

Lastly, for those that showed their videos but didn’t make the final vote, keep in mind that class officer elections are happening too. Positions are up for current freshmen, sophomores, and juniors.

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