five testing season tips

five testing season tips

At Hillcrest, IB and AP testing season is approaching in May. This is a stressful time for students, so here are tips to dominate the season.

  1. Get a solid study plan

This means studying every day and having a schedule to do so. By doing this, you create a better chance of succeeding. Write down a consistent list of review topics.

  1. Choose your time wisely

When studying remember to study in a balanced way. Try to have a balanced knowledge of all the material, don’t just be an expert in a few areas.

  1. Take care of yourself

The better your state of mind is, the better you will do. Testing tests your knowledge but it also challenges you as a person.

  1. Take advantage of your resources

Use resources like youtube for studying, they offer videos and comprehensive reviews.

  1. Remember to try your absolute best

This is the most important tip, do not sike yourself out or decide that you will fail anyway so it doesn’t matter.