Norwegian cruise engine failure

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The Viking Sky, a Norwegian cruise ship, was heading to their next destination, Stavanger, Norway, but on Saturday, March 23rd, all four engines on the ship failed.

According to The Washington Post, Lars Alvestad, the acting director general of the Norwegian Maritime Authority, said that the engines failed because of lack of oil.

“Sensors detected the oil shortage and automatically shut down the Viking Sky’s engines to prevent a breakdown,” he said.

While the engines were down, they got hit in the middle of a cyclone storm with winds up to 40 mph. They anchored in a bay when they neared rocks and called for help. With 1,373 passengers and crew members on ship in a violent storm, there was lots of chaos.

Passengers said there was a wave that crashed through glass windows in the front of the ship sending people across the floor in an area they were told to meet as a muster point, they were then moved to another muster point where other passengers helped them get warm and dry.

Five helicopters came to airlift passengers one by one out of the ship and to land. Waves were roaring into the side of the ship up to 50 feet high which ruled out the option of evacuation by boat.

The rescue operation ended Sunday, March 24th after the engines on the ship restarted and they headed to Molde, Norway with almost 900 passengers still onboard the ship. Once the ship was docked and the remaining passengers could disembark the ship, they were welcomed with cheers from the people on land.

Investigations are in the process of why the ship sailed directly into the storm and didn’t wait out the storm in the last port. Passengers are very curious and anxious to know why the cruise left the last port when it did.

After further investigation it was found that the ship had a weeks worth of notice about this upcoming storm that was happening somewhere between Iceland and Norway.

“It’s not unusual for intense cyclones to develop in this part of the world in March,” says The Washington Post.

It is very unfortunate that even with such warning, the cruise captain still decided to sail into the storm and passengers were injured.

As of Monday, March 25th, 8 people were hospitalized with one in critical condition, meanwhile no one else was seriously injured and were able to return to their homes.


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