Beyond our Earth


Space is an amazing but complicated thing to comprehend. While there are many different planets and stars being studied, it’s hard to do because of how big space is. Some things haven’t been found or proven true, so many people don’t believe in the impossible. However, for the first time ever the first official picture of a black hole was released.

A good place to start is what in the world is a black hole? According to, “Black holes are volumes of space where gravity is extreme enough to prevent the escape of even the fastest moving particles. Not even light can break free, hence the name ‘black’ hole.”

When thinking of a black hole, the first thought to most people is this is a massive space that sucks everything into it disappearing forever. According to, the first person to come up with the idea of a black hole was the German scientist Karl Schwarzschild. He believed that there was a possibility that mass is able to squeeze into small points. He also believed that nothing could bypass this monster, not even the smallest shine of light.

In April 2019, the first official picture of a black hole was taken making Karl Schwarzschild hypothesis true. An advanced telescope called Event Horizon Telescope was able to capture the first official picture ever of a black hole.

According to, “The EHT image reveals the shadow of M87’s black hole on its accretion disk. Appearing as a fuzzy, asymmetrical ring, it unveils for the first time a dark abyss of one of the universe’s most mysterious objects.”

It is now proven that there are many things beyond earth and space that we have yet to discover.