Fun phone games for when you’re bored

Fun phone games for when you're bored

Sometimes you just want to kill time on your phone. Whether you’re in a boring math class or waiting for sleep to come to you, here’s three fun, mind-numbing games for your phone. All are free and don’t require any in-app purchases for a full experience.


  1. Circle

This game by ketchapp is similar to Flappy Bird in principle, with a smoother, neater look. Tap the screen to bounce a circle around a line, collecting diamonds and avoiding the line in the center. Collect lots of diamonds to decorate your circle.


  1. Once Upon a Tower

Bashing the stereotype of girls getting saved from tall towers, Once Upon a Tower sets you as a princess whose prince was eaten by the dragon atop the tower. But he did leave his hammer behind. Work your way down through the levels of the tower by avoiding and smashing  monsters and running away from the fire-breathing dragon.


  1. Dots

A calmer game than the previous two, Dots is simply a game of connecting as many like-colored circles together as you can. With two game modes -Timed Mode and Moves Mode- and a customizable color scheme, Dots is a relaxing and easy game for when you just need to do nothing for little while.


  1. Alto’s Odyssey

This Editor’s Choice game has an acclaimed soundtrack and features a little sand-boarder, your character, slidings and boarding down endless sand dunes, avoiding obstacles and performing tricks to gain points and coins. Coins can be used to unlock different characters and more, and it’s endless landscape and minimalistic vibe can be very calming as well.

Photo via ArtStation