“We’re all in this together” #trashtag challenge has gone globally viral

After seeing an Instagram post by his friend from Guatemala, Byron Román decided to follow in his friends footsteps. Román’s friend had posted encouraging bored teens to clean up the earth and take a before and after picture. Román translated the post into English, and reposted with the same encouragement.

Roman wasn’t expecting this turnout, and now, thousands of people all across the world are making it a little cleaner that before. All the way from beaches, schools, parks, to side roads in the middle of nowhere.

“Take a photo of an area that needs some cleaning or maintenance, then take a photo after you have done something about it, and post it,” said Roman when he first introduced #trashtag, also called #Basura Challenge. This means trash in Spanish.

People from countries on almost every continent have taken part in the challenge.

This challenged has been posted on by almost every trending social media app including Instagram, Twitter, Reddit, and Facebook.

In an interview with TIME, Roman says, “When teens get bored, that’s like the worst thing you can ever have — actually, any person being bored, So, I thought, maybe someone will pick up the challenge and do something positive about it.”

A bored teen is never a productive teen-and that goes for everyone of all ages. Spending time on phones had both positive and negative benefits. Cleaning up the earth and having fun only comes with good benefits.

Instagram poster Sameer with the account trashtag.challenge said they originally posted one of the #trashtag photos on Reddit, and reached way more people than they expected. (This person did not start the challenge, but saw people doing it and wanted to do it as well.)

“Over 500,000 people and over 130,000 people upvoted it.” said Sameer.

“…People liked the idea, especially cleaning and posting it on social media as it encourages more people to do it.”

Taking care of the earth should be important, and this is just one way every person can make a difference. Take some time to get out there and clean, join the other hundreds of thousands of people taking a part out of their day to go do service and make the world look better.