Aspire to test at full potential

Aspire to test at full potential

With a name like ASPIRE, ACT’s ASPIRE testing aims to be a guide for Freshmen and Sophomores alike.

Assistant Principal Matthew Schelble explained, “ASPIRE is the new end-of-year state testing that is replacing the SAGE test. The test was designed by ACT and Pearson to be more similar to the ACT than SAGE was. We are hoping this will help better prepare our students for the ACT when they are in 11th grade.”

This is not a temporary change; the State mandated that ASPIRE takes priority over SAGE.

Schelble commented, “End-of-year testing is required by the State to provide data on student growth. There are lots of reasons to collect this data, but the most important reason is to give us information about how prepared our students are for the next steps in their education and if there are adjustments that need to be made in what we are teaching.”

These “next steps” that Schelble remarked on for freshmen and sophomores would be taking the PSAT, the ACT (and the SAT, if desired), college, and more.

ASPIRE testing took place between April 16-19 during school in the regular classrooms, with the bell schedules being changed as a result of this testing.

Schelble explained the change, “End-of-year testing is important, and we want to put our 9th and 10th graders in the best position to be successful. We needed different times for blocks to accommodate the different tests.  The English test is 45 minutes, Science is 60 minutes, and Reading and Math are both 90 minutes. Students can complete the English and Science test in the 70 minute long periods, and the Reading and Math in the 100 minute long periods.”

Students had the opportunity to prepare for these tests by going to

Freshman Selena Yu noted, “The questions felt easy and I was able to get all four tests done in four periods [or, in other words, only the first A-day and B-day of testing].