Notre Dame Cathedral fire

Notre Dame Cathedral fire

On April 15, 2019 at 6:20pm the fire alarm in the Notre Dame Cathedral rang out according to CNN. The oak roof, built over 800 years ago, was the main source of the flames. The damage also extended to the spire which collapsed a few hours after the beginning of the fire. 15 hours later, French Firefighters confirmed that after a long battle, the fire was out.

In 2017 a renovation of the Cathedral began. This was an attempt to restore the original look of the monument.

The 850 year old structure has been a very popular piece of Gothic architecture. Nearly 13 million a year came to visit the Cathedral. Throughout the centuries very important events have taken place in Notre Dame. For example, Napoleon Bonaparte was crowned emperor over 200 years ago. It also contained countless relics and art works that were saved due to their removal during construction (CNN).

Donations have been flowing in since the fire to start rebuilding. Some of the main donors are Apple, European countries, and millionaires across France. As of April over 1 billion dollars were pledged towards the rebuilding, according to CBS News.

The leader of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, President Russel M. Nelson, said, “We pray that Notre Dame will rise again in newness of life.”

The cause of the fire is still unclear but officials have been busy to get to the source. Countless people have been hard at work to revive this incredible building.