Dessert is not the “Last Course”

Dessert is not the “Last Course”

The ultimate trap for the sweet tooth in all of us is dessert. We all know the dessert is not a “Last Course”, it is the first choice for everyone. This sweet gem can be found in Draper or in Salt Lake City and their food truck, which goes to a variety of places in Utah. The available desserts ranges from 15 unique flavors of ice cream, hot drinks, and specialties desserts.

The staff there is very friendly and super patient. With all the special treats it can be hard to not want to try the unlimited samples, which includes all the ice cream flavors. For all the chocolateholics out there the fudge brownie ice cream is very rich and melts in your mouth. The rosemary and honey ice cream is sweet and creamy, and it’s really yummy with a sugar cone.

In addition they have vegan, gluten free, dairy free desserts for those with dietary restrictions.

The Coconut cream pie was vegan, gluten free, sugar free, and dairy free. It was really tasty and naturally sweet for all the things it excluded.

The chocolate cake from Cake by Courtney was really rich in taste, and a little pricey for the respective size of the cake. It comes with a free scoop of ice cream, so I chose the fudge brownie ice cream.

The unique dessert studio sells “Cake by Courtney” cakes, which is hard to find unless you buy it online. Last Course sells sophisticated desserts for a reasonable price compared to expensive restaurants.