NBA Playoffs preview

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Every year NBA the playoffs get fans excited. The best teams from across the nation compete for the National Title. This year is no different. With some of the best teams in NBA history and other teams that barely have a winning record.

Some of the most notable teams are the Milwaukee Bucks and the Toronto Raptors. While both of these teams are from the east, no other good team is.

Majority of NBA fan and followers were expecting the Golden State Warriors (1 seed) to sweep the Los Angeles Clippers (8 seed). Everybody was shocked to find out that in Game 2 the Clippers came back from a 31 point deficit. This is the largest comeback in an NBA playoff game according to ESPN. Not only did the win stun the fans put a team full of no All-stars could put a 31 point comeback to a team with 5 All-stars.

In the West conference our predictions are: Warriors in 5, Spurs in 6, Trailblazers in 4, Rockets in 5. And in the East conference we predict: Bucks in 4, Raptors in 5, 76ers in 6, Pacers in 7. In the end we predict the Bucks will beat the Warriors in Game 6.

Last year the Warriors won in Game 4 against the Cavs. Lebron was no longer able to carry his entire team which resulted in a sweep from the Warriors.

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