BYU honor code protests


Brigham Young University is a religious private school, and because of this they have the right to create requirements that the students have to live up to. When applying to this university, students have to sign the honor code, meaning that they know the rules and expectations.

The Honor Code Office (HCO) is in charge of keeping students in line and giving out consequences for breaking these rules. However, recently the HCO has been recieving heavy backlash for being unfair in their treatment of students seeking help.  Students are protesting against the school’s honor code.

Because BYU is a religiously affiliated school, the honor code there is supposed to align with that of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints. Members of the LDS church believe in the idea of repenting for wrong doings, part of this being confessing to the bishop of a ward when a sin is committed. When attending BYU a part of the repentance process is admitting the wrong doing to the HCO, but this has turned into a nightmare for a countless amount of students.

Sidney Draughon, a recent graduate from BYU, made an Instagram account with the handle @honorcodestories and it gained tens of thousands of followers overnight, with a flood of people sharing their experiences with the Honor Code Office at BYU. This kickstarted the protests in Provo and BYU Idaho.

“I think it’s revealing a lot of important stories that need to be told and that haven’t been told, haven’t really had a platform to be told for a long time,” said BYU student Bayley Goldsberry in an interview with Fox 13 news. Several people are saying the students are being mistreated by the office. Honor Code Stories has also created a petition on called “Update the “Honor Code” at BYU.” It has more than 13,000 signatures.

Fox 13 writes, “Draughon says this is not an attack on anyone, she loves BYU and she loves the church, but something must change with the Honor Code. She wants this to be done in love and to create positive changes.”