Joe Biden needs to be careful

Joe Biden needs to be careful

This March and April, six women accused former vice president, Joe Biden of touching them inappropriately. It was not sexual assault, but those who accused him said it was extremely uncomfortable and inappropriate, especially because of the age difference. But should Biden be in trouble for his actions?  

The Democratic party have attempted to stay mostly neutral on the matter. “I don’t think it’s disqualifying,” Nancy Pelosi said in an interview with politico. “He has to understand in the world that we’re in now that people’s space is important to them, and what’s important is how they receive it and not necessarily how you intended it.”

 On Sunday, prior to the second allegation by Amy Lappos, Bernie Sanders said he had no reason to doubt Lucy Flores’s allegation, and that he was “not sure that one incident alone disqualifies anybody.”

If the allegations were a little more serious both Sanders and Pelosi would have a different stance on the matter.

Although these women were correct in feeling uncomfortable when Biden was a bit too touchy, but it is not enough to ruin someone’s career. But that doesn’t mean this issue should be ignored.

The time we live in can be scary, the amount of allegations against the male politicians have risen in the last 4 years incredibly. And according to a LAPD study in 2017, only 4.5% are faked. Because rape and molestation are an extremely serious topic, especially in the age we live in, it is very important for older males, not only in politics, to be aware how they are making females feel around them.

Based on Biden’s speech, you could tell he hadn’t done enough self reflection on the matter. He made a few jokes about the allegations stating, “He gave me permission to touch him.” followed by laughter from the audience. (In reference to Biden touching the shoulder of a young boy)

One of the females explained the situation as “embarrassing and confusing.” She deserves an apology as does the three other females that had to deal with Biden’s mistakes.

Although he is a very successful person, there is still so much room for him to grow. Including in his social skills. It is a different time, and it is is an important time.

It doesn’t matter who you are, or what you have accomplished. Joe Biden needs to make anyone he encounters feel comfortable and safe, no matter the kind of person he believes he is.