Who is dividing America?



It is not a surprise that Americans are becoming more and more divided, and there are direct examples of this especially in schools, even in Utah.

For example, on Monday, April 1, a representative from Prager University by the name of Will Witt came to Park City High School to speak, with the event titled “How to Bridge the Divide,” concerning the political gap taking place in the U.S.

However, according to parkrecord.com, about 5 hours before the event was scheduled to take place, a student from Park City High sprayed pepper spray throughout the venue, causing 14 people to be immediately treated by medical professionals and leaving one person hospitalized.

It is believed that this student with known Socialist ideas attacked the venue because of their disagreements with the Conservative speaker, the Turning Point Club who sponsored the event, and PragerU. Luckily, the event was quickly changed to a new venue, and the event still took place.

This however, is not an isolated incident. Last year, a student at Michigan State University awoke in their dorm room to see their roommate watching a Ben Shapiro video. The student then anonymously reported their roommate to school officials for hate speech, and was later offered a room switch by the administration.

The way to decrease partisanship and tribalism within our country is to educate more people about the reality of both political parties. A Conservative YouTuber by the name of Austin Fletcher, or Fleccas, recently posted a video about him at one of his speaking events at Kansas State University.

Before the event started, he went outside among students who were protesting him to try to reach some middle ground and have constructive conversations about their differing ideologies.

Fletcher commented about some of the signs that the protesters were carrying,”’Racism has no place here,’ Done, I agree,” then he goes on to say,”’No hate at K-State.’ I hope not… ‘Bigotry is not welcome.’ Where do I disagree with any of this?”

Fleccas continued to talk to them and said, “I’ve been an advocate for a number of different groups. I think you guys are doing a great thing in being out here and getting together. I do think that maybe you were misled a little bit when it comes to who we are as people.” Then one protester interrupted him in the middle of a sentence, then declared that they were moving to a spot where they could get more attention from the administration.

News corporations and social media outlets often display Conservatives to be the most divisive. In reality, we are seeing through these examples and others that Liberals are dividing the American people just as much or more. Campuses used to be free speech havens, but are now dominated by students and professors on the left. It is becoming more evident that anyone with different opinions than them are often attacked through multiple mediums just for speaking their opinion.

Conservatives like Will Witt and PragerU are often the ones trying to “Bridge the divide,” rather than cause more separation, and this is something that needs to be brought to the light in America.