Best shows on netflix right now

Best shows on netflix right now

The following are my picks for new shows and movies that are entertaining.

  1. Thrilling adventure of Sabrina

Not only does this show have the amazing Ross Lynch it is a true thriller and will genuinely scare you. The season 2 of the show was recently released and It contains new story lines and character developments that will leave you on the edge of your seat.

  1. The Perfect Date

Super cheesy yet super lovable, this new movie ft the fan favorite Noah Centineo is a must watch. A true chick flick that has love comedy and even some thriller.

  1. Legacies

The tv show hit Vampire Diaries was a story that truly couldn’t end, Legacies is a spin off and has the future generation of the supernatural faced with the difficulties of the human world. The show has many allusions to Vampire Diaries and is entertaining and interesting.