Finding Serendipity

Finding Serendipity

Hillcrest dance company is bringing Serendipity to life. The dance team works together to create visually appealing art work in the form of body movements.

“The people in the company choreographed the dances, Ms. Lujan just supervises and helps clean the dances,” said Adryenne Huo, a senior on the team.

Many of the dances are created by the students along with choreographers from other studios. The dances are based off of modern and contemporary dance styles. The team will do other styles like tap or hip hop, but the group is solely based off of modern dancing.

“Mockingbird is my favorite dance because it’s so well choreographed and it’s very put together. The officer dance is also fun because it’s just a couple of us showing how hard we have worked these past years,” said Huo

Not all of the dances are deep and meaningful. A dance called “Held” that was choreographed by Annie Duggar takes a in on what you should do when things go wrong.

The dance begins just like any other dance but then the music completely stops and the dancers started to sing the song while dancing until many other roadblocks stop them from performing and it becomes a joke.

One of the dances is very artistic when they literally use their bodies to draw pictures on the ground. The dance is called Integrate, which was choreographed by Tori Koch, and it focuses on merging the fine arts and dance. This dance is very different from what they do because it focuses on what dance stems from.

Although many of the dances are lighthearted one of the dances touches on a very difficult subject. The dance is called Mockingbird and is choreographed by Sophie Greenwood.

The dance is about school shootings and the innocence that has been taken from teenagers. She relates this to the book “To Kill a Mockingbird” because as Atticus Finch says, “Remember it’s a sin to kill a mockingbird”

The team consists of many girls and two boys. Many teams can have lots of drama but the dance company girls are very supportive.

“The team is so fun to be around and the workouts are always really good. The environment is good to be in, while in High school, because everyone is so nice and everyone supports each other,” said Huo.

The team has been working very hard for many months to create a concert that everyone can enjoy. Many of the dancers have enjoyed creating their own work to be showcased in front of an audience because they get to show their lives in a dance.