Prepare with junior women in business

Prepare with junior women in business

Female juniors considering business should take a look at a wonderful scholarship opportunity.

The Junior Women in Business (WIB) Scholarship Program is sponsored by the Sandy Area Chamber of Commerce.

In order to receive a $1,000 scholarship from the Sandy Chamber, a student must meet the following criteria, according to the Sandy Chamber’s website:

1. Must currently be a Junior

2. Participate in WIB monthly luncheons

3. Participate in The Canyon’s job shadow program

4. Attend a portion of a legislative session

5. Participate in a service project directed by the Sandy Area Chamber of Commerce

6. Participate in the Canyon’s School District Women in Business Club [at Corner Canyon High School]

7. Actively engage with your Women in Business Mentor”

The application for the WIB scholarship can be found on Sandy Chamber’s website at Each applicant needs to provide information about themselves, such as her career goals and business experience, and write a one-page essay on why they want to be part of WIB.

The deadline for this scholarship is May 15 according to both flyers from Hillcrest High School and the official application. Only one student from each high school in Canyons School District (and CTEC) will be selected to join WIB.