The Perfectionists


From 2010-2017, Pretty Little Liars had fans from all around the world hooked on the mysterious events that took place in Rosewood Pennsylvania. After taking a short two year break, the liars are back in a new spin-off, “The Perfectionists.”

The best part about the new series? Two of the original characters are back. Alison DiLaurentis (Sasha Pieterse) and Mona Vanderwaal (Janel Parrish) both agreed to take the leap from Rosewood to Beacon Heights.

According to , the spin-off is set to take place a few years in the future from where the show was left off. The original finale of Pretty Little Liars already jumped ahead several years, so this is a large gap in time. The new show is set in Beacon Heights, a college town, where Alison teaches as a college professor, and Mona works in office admissions.

This new take on the show isn’t the first one. “Ravenswood” was a spin-off that only aired one season, as it was cancelled by ABC. Unlike Ravenswood, The Perfectionists more closely follows the past lives of the main characters, instead of finding five new main characters that nobody knows of.

Senior Dallas Anselmo says, “I’ve been waiting for a spin-off of the show since it ended, and I’m super excited to watch The Perfectionists. It seems super dramatic and really good.”

Based off of a book series written by Sara Shepard, there are lots of  changes made to the series. Creator Marlene King says that while the show follows the basic lines of the book, it branches off into its own direction. In the book, the setting is at Beacon High School. . However, since they wanted the series to seem more mature, they set it at a university.

King hopes to show a more mature side to the characters, as everyone that has followed the show has grown up as well.

Mona Vanderwaal played by Janel Parrish said, ““I hope the fans of PLL who grew up watching the show will relate to this kind of new, mature version, it’s darker. It’s edgier…and it’s still just as juicy.”

Original PLL fans can’t wait to watch this new spin-off, and see how the characters have evolved since leaving Rosewood.