Theatre department breaks a leg at state

Theatre department breaks a leg at state

From April 11-13, students from all over the state gathered to participate in one act plays, monologues, and scenes, both classical and contemporary.

Overall, Hillcrest took second place, but it was very close. American Fork, who took first, had a score of 1449 points while Hillcrest had a final score of 1406, a difference of only 43 points.

“I feel really great, I think the kids grew a lot and I think they did a great job,” says theatre teacher Joshua Long.

Students prepare for three months to go to competition, working with both student coaches and the theatre teachers, Long and Giselle Gremmert. They rehearse both in class and out but the competition is what pushes the students to their best.

“I think it’s human nature that when competition is involved we strive to be better, whether it’s with someone else or just ourselves,” says Long.

Points are awarded to individuals and groups in each category based on a rubric. Participants are judged on traits like how well they are able to communicate, their commitment to their character, and how well natural they can be on stage. To determine who wins the sweepstakes award, the points each school earned are totaled.

The same system applies to the region competition, which Hillcrest took first in. All 25 pieces that were entered were able to make it to state.

Along with winning sweepstakes, Hillcrest won the superior school award, Daryl Ifote and Kami Loertscher won outstanding performance in a one act play, and Ifote and Loertscher also placed first and second respectively in dramatic monologues. Ellie Otis placed third with her humorous monologue from The James Plays: The Key Will Keep the Lock.

“I felt really good about my performance, of course you can always do better, but I am proud of what I did and what I accomplished,” says Loertscher.

In other news, the fall production of Hairspray and the production company’s Sunday in the Park with George were nominated for numerous awards at this year’s Utah High School Musical Theatre Awards on May 18.


Photo: @HHSTheatre